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      I have brought the block of your book-plate, sir, she said, with a couple of impressions of it."You did; and do you not recognize me, as he who gave the alarm when the fellows had peeped above the wall at the cross-roads, and whose hat was pierced by an arrow as he stood beneath the tree that overshadowed the grave at Hailes?"

      "Well, no. It's the horse he captured the time he got the Yankee who had him prisoner."

      "De Boteler," said Sir Robert Knowles, "this bondage should never have been."

      "By ganny!" exclaimed one, and--"You're a coon," murmured the other, as the new-comers drew near. The younger of these also was a private. Behind his elbow was swung a Maynard rifle. Both carried revolvers. The elder wore a long straight sword whose weather-dimmed orange sash showed at the front of a loose cut-away jacket. Under this garment was a shirt of strong black silk, made from some lady's gown and daintily corded with yellow. On the jacket's upturned collar were the two gilt bars of a first lieutenant, but the face above them shone with a combined intelligence and purity that drew my whole attention.

      "Ain't you Major Harper's quartermaster-sergeant?" he asked.


      She pointed, and then bending down found in{236} the centre of one the bud from which the blossom would expand.


      I could not speak, I shook my head, and for evidence in rebuttal I showed in my eyes two fountains of standing tears.


      A flattering glimmer of amusement came into the two men's faces, but some change in Charlotte's manner arrested it and brought an enhanced deference.